Driving Instructor Manchester

Driving instructor Manchester 

Advanced Driving Tuition not only offer driving lessons but also provide courses like driving instructors Manchester. The price for the course is reasonable, and the schedule can be organized according to your commitments. You get complete peace of mind that we will provide you with the best training to achieve your qualification.

We understand that the decision is life-changing for many, as it is a career move. So, we give you enough time to select what course is right for you. One thing we assure you is that because of the training you will not have to reschedule your commitments.

On top, as we mentioned, again and again, we design our course in a manner that you will get the best training from us. Our motive is that all our learners get succeed as a driving instructor. All we ask from our learners is that they always stay confident and passionate to learn. Be on time, as it is the key to learn quick. Once you follow it, the learning process will become enjoyable and vastly rewarding career is waiting for you.

Keep one thing in mind that you need to pass three DVSA tests to become a qualified driving instructor.

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The process to become a driving instructor in Manchester:

Part 1: Theory and hazard perception test

It is consist of a multiple-choice test and even video-based hazard perception test. We provide all the training materials, software and even DVDs for the whole course. You can also get optional classes from us, so you get the direct training from the trainer. It helps you to get prepared for the final exam better.

Part 2: Practical test of driving ability

It is the test in which you have to demonstrate the driving abilities in an hour of the practical session. You need to show high-level skills on multiple types of roads within town, country roads and even on motorways. In between the test, you have to perform multiple activities that you will teach the students in the future.

The Advanced Driving Tuition instructors guide you at every step of the training to polish your skills. They make sure that you get 100% prepared for the final test.

Part 3: Test for teaching ability

It is the test where mainly your instructional abilities come to test. It also lasts for an hour or a bit longer. The DVSA instructor will judge you while you are giving a lesson to one of the students. You get a choice to decide which student you want to take for the test. Here we recommend that do apply for the trainee license, so you able to earn while learning.

To get prepared for the final test in the best way is to spend time in the car, teaching others. We allow our driving instructors learner to teach people during training. It allows them to get experience which helps them well in the future.

As we are serving people for the longest time, we know well what is needed to do excellent in the test, so we practice you as much we can. The instructors correct your mistakes at every stage and make sure you don’t repeat them. Moreover, we also teach all the modern traffic rules and regulations for you.

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If you have any question in mind related to our driving instructor course in Manchester, just contact us by filling the form. Our team will reach back to you within no time and provide every information to you. We make sure that before choosing us, you feel completely satisfied.

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