Driving Lessons in Old Trafford

Driving Lessons in Old Trafford

Learning How to Drive in Old Trafford

Even though Old Trafford has a well organised public transport system, driving is the best way to get around the place. Advanced Driving Tuition has been offering driving lessons to residents of the area as well as many other parts of the North West, UK. There are many reasons why aspiring drivers choose to work with us.


We understand that most people don’t intend to spend a lot of money on their driving lessons, and that is why we keep our prices very low. The lessons start at £19.99 per hour, and we even offer promotions regularly. Also, you may have numerous tasks to handle through the day, and we accommodate your needs by offering flexible training periods. The lessons last for between 1 hour and 2 hours.

The Types of Driving Lessons

At our driving lessons in Old Trafford, you can learn how to drive different types of vehicles and will even learn how to manoeuvre specific types of roads or terrains. We offer standard lessons, manual driving lessons, automatic driving lessons, and motorway driving lessons. There are some people who want to get their licenses in just a few days, and for them, we offer intensive courses. These courses are ideal for people who failed a test or those who need to develop confidence in their driving abilities.

Driving on Old Trafford roads can be scary, especially if you have not been driving for long. Also, people who have been living abroad may find these roads confusing. If you fall into this category of drivers, you should consider taking our refresher driving lessons in Old Trafford. These courses are only available to people who already have driving licenses.

Friendly and Highly Qualified Instructors

No one wants to fail their driving tests, even on the first try. That is why we pay great attention to the instructors we hire. They are all friendly and highly qualified, meaning you will never have a reason to feel nervous. Our highly qualified driving instructors will ensure you understand the highway code, the road rules and regulations, and how you can drive safely in Old Trafford. More importantly, they will ensure that you can manoeuvre the roads of the city properly and with full confidence.

Special Offers

Our driving school in Old Trafford stands out from the competition by offering promotions regularly. These offers can help you save money on your driving lessons in Old Trafford, so you should consider using them. The lessons in this school come with a free progress report.

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