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Learning to Drive in Manchester

Manchester is a bustling, modern, dynamic city and it is huge: it sprawls in all directions. Despite its state-of-the-art transport systems, the best way to get around it is by car, and Manchester has car showrooms and driving schools aplenty. Once you have decided which car will be yours, an equally important decision is the choice of driving school.

ADT Driving School Manchester

Advanced Driving Tuition is one of the best driving schools in Manchester. We provide complete theoretical/practical courses, and for us road safety knowledge is paramount. We are proud to boast that we have excellent certified driving instructors who have the patience, the knowhow and the clarity of explanation to make even the most hesitant learner-driver feel confident right from the start.

The first question: tuition prices?

Driving lessons in Manchester need not cost a fortune. We do our best to keep our prices well within the affordable/cheap bracket, whilst not cutting any corners when it comes to delivering fully comprehensive and satisfying driving courses to our clients. Prices for lessons start at £19.99 per hour, and there are also promotions periodically.

Special Offers

Save money by taking advantage of our special short courses, lasting five hours or ten hours. Each driving lesson is flexible: a lesson can be one hour, an hour and a half or two hours. Our top-rate instructors help you every step of the way. Theory, explanations, loads of practice on the roads and free progress reports are all included in our driving courses.

Our Driving Instructors

Having driving lessons in Manchester with Advanced Driving Tuition is always a fruitful and pleasant experience. Our friendly and well-qualified driving instructors are eager to make a learner-driver feel at ease. A joke or two, a relaxed atmosphere, the road-knowledge question slipped in discreetly, driving instructions given clearly and decisively with perfect timing, all conspire to make a learner feel confident and comfortable. This is what the instructor aims for; this is when the student does his/her best.


Our basic standard driving courses are for manual gear-shift or automatic cars, for learner-drivers. If you are interested in teaching driving you can attend our all-comprehensive course for instructors. For those of you who have been off the road for a while, we can offer a special two-hour assessment lesson to establish the level of your driving skills, and made-to-measure refresher courses.

Intensive courses

Advanced Driving Tuition Intensive Courses can be five, ten, fifteen or twenty hours. These courses are for those who can drive but can use extra practice or need help with certain manoeuvres, such as roundabouts, uphill parking, motorway driving, etc. or who just need a general refresher course.

Driving lessons in Manchester

Our Advanced Driving Tuition school is located at Citizens Place, Manchester and we have branches throughout the North West of the UK. Our driving courses are all-inclusive and speedy. If you need to get your driving licence quickly then contact us; our expert driving instructors will have you driving around Manchester in record time!

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