Driving School in Benchill

At Advanced Driving Tuition our aim is to provide the best level of training to help you get the driving experience you need. Whether you are new to driving or just want to build on your existing experience, our team of friendly, fully qualified and highly certified instructors can provide the right kind of training for your needs. Our driving school in Benchill offers a range of courses suited to your needs at competitive prices. We offer driving lessons in Benchill and across the Greater Manchester area.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Whether you are learning to drive an automatic vehicle for the first time or wish to learn additional automatic driving techniques, we can cater the right lesson for you. Prices start at £21.99 for a single lesson or choose one of our bundle prices listed for multiple lessons.

Manual Driving Lessons

For those who have little experience with manual vehicles, or for those who wish to expand their experience beyond automatic driving, our instructors are on hand to help you. Prices start at £19.99 for a single lesson or choose one of our bundle prices listed for multiple lessons.

Driving Instructor Training

If you wish to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) yourself, we can provide one-to-one car-based lessons with our friendly, ORDIT registered trainers according to your own schedule and commitment. Our lessons are divided into three key parts:

  • Part 1: Theory and hazard perception test.
  • Part 2: Practical test of driving ability.
  • Part 3: Practical test of teaching ability.

You can become certified for all three parts for £1395, with an additional discount offered for the first month when you join our franchise. Alternatively, we offer lessons for Parts 2 and 3 for £30 per hour if you have completed Part 1.

Assessment Lessons

Before you go for your driving test, we can help you gain confidence and knowledge in what you will need to pass. Each assessment lesson lasts approximately two hours and is valued at £40.

Intensive Driving Courses

If you already have driving experience and need some extra guidance, or you just want to gain the skills for your driving test as soon as possible, then our intensive driving courses can be tailored according to your schedule. Whether you need five, ten, twenty or more hours, we have a package that will suit your requirements so you can pass your test as quickly and safely as possible.

We’re Here To Help

All our courses provide you with a free driving progress report, as well as help with theory training for automatic and manual training. Through providing driving lessons in Benchill we aim to help you get the skills and knowledge that will allow you to pass your test and get on the road on the first attempt. Call us on 0333 009 0833 or email info@advanceddrivingtuition.co.uk to find out more.