Driving School Fallowfield

Driving School Fallowfield

Driving School in Fallowfield

When you are ready to learn to drive in Fallowfield then contact Advanced Driving Tuition. ADT provides driving lessons in Fallowfield and throughout the Northwest. We offer the option of learning in manual and automatic transmission vehicles as required by the learner.

Why Learn To Drive?

Not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge and learn to drive? Consider the benefits, freedom to travel where and when you wish without the constraints of public transport. Visit friends and family at your leisure. A driving licence can even aid you in getting a job or perhaps a promotion. Thinking of starting tour own business? A driving licence will be essential for a successful business start-up. Visiting customers, making deliveries, dealing with suppliers etc.

Why Choose Advanced Driving Tuition?

We have both male and female staff, our learners can choose an instructor with whom they will feel comfortable and confident. English not your first language? No problem, our team of experienced and friendly driving instructors are able to converse in a range of languages, enabling the learner to feel relaxed throughout the course of tuition.

What Are The Costs?

ADT driving school Fallowfield provides a range of cost effective options that will allow you to fit your driving lessons in Fallowfield into your busy life-style and schedule. Tuition costs start from under £20 per hour with lessons scheduled for 1, 1.5 or 2 hours to accommodate the requirements of the individual learner.

Driving Tuition As A Gift

Lessons are available in blocks of five or ten, they would make a great gift for a family member or friend who is wishing to learn to drive. The learner will receive a driving progress report from the instructor so that the strong and weaker points of their driving can be identified.

Low Cost Assessment Lesson

A useful option available from ADT driving school Fallowfield is our 2 hour assessment lesson. For under £30 the learner can get a ‘hands on’ driving experience and receive professional feed-back from our instructor regarding what will be the best way for you to be successful in obtaining your driving licence.

Comprehensive Tuition By Instructor

Once you have decided to choose ADT to undertake driving lessons in Fallowfield our instructors will use their experience to assist you in passing both the ‘Theory’ and ‘Practical’ parts of the test.