Driving School Swinton

Driving School Swinton

The Best Driving School in Swinton You Need To Be Part Of

Are you seeking your license for the first time or simply looking for a driving school in Swinton to brush your driving skills? You need to start your driving lessons at Advanced Driving School. We have some unique features that make us stand out from other driving schools in Swinton.

A Wide Range of Courses

We have different flexible courses to cater for different types of students. You can take advantage of our 5 Hours Intensive course which works best for those students who can drive independently. In this case, you will have at least 30 hours of driving lessons. If you didn’t do well in your driver’s test or need some guidance to be a better driver, you can enrol in our 10 Hours Intensive course. Students who don’t have the best skills when it comes to practical driving will get the best experience when they enrol in the 15 Hours Intensive course, or the 20 Hours Intensive course. This generally impacts students with skills to manoeuvre better and take on roundabouts, among other challenges.

Professional Instructors

It has always been a characteristic of a good teacher that he/she is also a good learner. Our instructors live up to the same principle and are always seeking better skills to offer the best driving lessons in Swinton. They don’t just follow a strict guideline but also spot teachable moments and act accordingly to ensure students never forget a valuable lesson. As much as our instructors uphold professionalism, they also ensure that students have fun while learning. We have the best instructors in town who can sense when a student is nervous, stressed, distracted, confused, or needs help.

The Most Affordable Driving School in Swinton

Since budget is a factor in choosing a driving school, choosing Advanced Driving School offers affordable driving tuition done by a qualified team of instructors in Swinton and throughout the North West, UK. Our competitive prices range depending on the type of course you choose. What stands out is that students get value for their money. For queries about the different prices we offer, feel free to contact our responsive customer support department.

With that said, students can rely on Advanced Driving School to become competent and all-round drivers in future. With a mission to build the world’s best driving school and produce UK’s best drivers, you can be sure that what you are getting are high quality driving lessons in Swinton.


review rating 5  Unbelievable experience. Made me feel comfortable and confident. Driving instructor was so helpful. I would highly recommend to anyway looking to take lessons


review rating 5  Amazing driving school! I passed first time thanks to them, my instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable. I did not have any issues and I picked up on skills very quickly due to clear instructions. I always received feedback and that was useful when I reflected at the end of my lessons. I highly recommend this place, thanks guys


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