How Many Driving Lessons Do You Need?

driving lessons

The Driving Standards Agency recommends approximately forty-four hours of professional driving tuition to successfully pass the test. However, everyone’s aptitude for driving is highly individualistic. Some pupils need less time, others need more.

An Assessment Lesson enables an experienced driving instructor to evaluate your basic understanding of driving and how your personality could affect your progress. It’s an ideal opportunity to introduce yourselves.

Influential Factors

  • Age

The DSA suggests pupils need an extra two hours of tuition for every additional year of their age. Generally, the younger you are, the faster you’ll learn.

  • Lesson Frequency

Driving needs to become an intuitive procedure, so frequent lessons are preferable. Aim for approximately four hours each week. Lessons lasting two hours are considered more beneficial.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practising new skills between lessons helps to master driving techniques. Ask someone to supervise you, providing they have more than three years of driving experience and are at least twenty-one years of age.

  • Personal Style

Fully qualified driving instructors tailor individual practical and theoretical lessons to improve your skills. They provide free progress reports highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Money

Lessons are often limited by financial resources. Ask about saving money through booking batches of lessons, special offers and student discounts.

How to Choose the Best Driving Instructor

A professional instructor who understands your individual style will inspire you with confidence and ensure you make progress. It’s important to find a fully certified instructor with the correct licence displayed on the car’s windscreen.

  • Pink: Trainee Instructor – Not yet fully qualified, less experience.
  • Green: Fully Qualified Instructor – Successfully passed three DVSA examinations, experience in teaching driving skills.

Why Choose an Instructor from Advanced Driving Tuition?

All our driving instructors are fully qualified and display the appropriate green licence on their windscreens. They have exceptional communication skills, ensuring an immediate rapport with each of their pupils.

Professional yet friendly, they are inspirational instructors who are adept at coaxing the most nervous driver to gain the confidence necessary to face the busy roads of Greater Manchester.

Our affordable packages and special offers are designed to help everyone take professional driving lessons and pass the driving test.

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