review rating 5  My instructor was Qaisar Khan. He was very patient, attentive and clear in his instructions throughout my entire training. I never felt overwhelmed and felt the pacing of the lessons, the perfect set up for my test. I passed first time with only two minor faults and put it down to Qaisar's excellent teaching. Full marks and highly recommended!

    thumb Rich Harrison

    review rating 5  Driving instructor Ahmed is an amazing teacher. He taught me all the necessary skills and gave me the driving confidence to pass 1st time after only 20 hours of lessons with him. I highly recommend.

    thumb kasper tymann

    review rating 5  After having a lot of bad experience with other driving schools over the 2 past years, I am glad I finally came across Advanced Driving Tuition. Today I passed my test! I can honestly say if it wasn’t for my instructor Qaisar Khan, I would of never had the confidence to believe I could pass. He is patient, supportive & motivating. He pushed me to see my capabilities & didn’t give up on me even when I had moments of wanting to give up on driving all together. I will definitely recommend this driving school to all my friends and family.

    thumb Imani Hylton

    review rating 5  I passed my driving test today with the incredible support of Qaisar Khan. Having only moved to the UK just over 2 years ago, I was not used to English roads at all but through his guidance, it made me comfortable with learning to drive on busy, Manchester roads! He guided me step by step through the manoeuvres making sure I was comfortable at each stage and his knowledge on the overall process including manoeuvres, observations, clutch control, and gear changes were brilliant. He was very patient as some things took me a while to get the hang of, yet he never made me feel any pressure. He has an excellent and friendly way of teaching and the manner in which he taught me was ideal as it allowed me to stay calm and focused. I would highly recommend Qaisar to any learner drivers!!

    thumb Murtaza Akram

    review rating 5  I don't normally write the reviews, but the instructor Arthur so far has been the best teacher instructor I have every had. He is very professional, cool, funny, friendly and making you feel more confident on the road. He is very straightforward which helps to set the expectations right. I highly recommend him for getting the best results.

    thumb bigprize11

    review rating 5  Qaiser Khan is very patient, friendly and a brilliant instructor. His way of teaching is excellent and been punctual always. He identified the areas in which I felt less confidence and gave useful guidelines and helped me to improve my confidence. Really an amazing driving instructor and I highly recommend him and Advance Driving Tuition to everyone!

    thumb Suju

    review rating 5  Passed my driving test today with 4 minors despite thinking I was never going to pass! (2 fails with previous instructors) He changed my way of thinking and increased my confidence. Arthur’s unique way of instructing means that you get the maximum amount of time to drive and doesn’t spend valuable time chatting at the roadside. He is nice and supportive, constantly encouraging you to reach your potential. I am incredibly grateful for his skilled lessons and highly recommend him. A*

    thumb Fasiat Bashir

    review rating 5  Mr. Khan always had a positive attitude during my lessons. He is an absolutely brilliant instructor. I would definitely recommend him to everyone!

    thumb ATIF KHAN

    review rating 5  ****Thank you Sir Qaisar Khan ***** A Truly wonderful instructor. Very informative and always explained everything so clearly. A laid back instructor who put me at ease and helped me gain enough confidence to book and pass my driving test!! highly recommend.

    thumb Ŕåjå Ãďẹẹĺ Ãňĵǘm

    review rating 5  Qaisar Khan was the best driving instructor I've had (I've had 4). He was everything you could want in a driving instructor. He was calm and made me feel confident. Plus, he was knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you 🙂

    thumb Sam Gibbons

    review rating 5  Unbelievable experience. Made me feel comfortable and confident. Driving instructor was so helpful. I would highly recommend to anyway looking to take lessons

    thumb Scott Madden

    review rating 5  Arthur was an excellent driving instructor, he’s been very flexible around my availability. Arthur has boosted my confidence and has helped me pass first time! Highly recommendable.

    thumb anthony obrien

    review rating 5  My experience with this driving school has been fantastic- the instructor Artur was extremely thorough, clear with explanations and determined to make me succeed. Really fantastic service. I would highly recommend. 😊🤩😁

    thumb Monika Jozefak

    review rating 5  Arthur has been an excellent instructor! He helped me build my confidence and prep my skills ready for the test. After failing several times with other instructors, his skilled way of coaching and teaching has proven to work. In addition, the lessons have been very fun and engaging, which is always a bonus! I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to pass fast! 🙂

    thumb Cheryl Maas

    review rating 5  Took a refresher driving course following a long break from driving. Fairly anxious starting out again but Ahmed was very courteous and understanding which made all the difference. Picked up a lot of great advice and really enjoyed the experience. Definitely would reccomend.

    thumb Joshua Emiabata-Smith

    review rating 5  Just passed my practical exam with 0 faults thanks to Arthur. As well as teaching how to drive safely and effectively, he also helped with my exam bookings and even helped to find an earlier date. Overall an excellent instructor who I would strongly recommend for both learning from the beginning and developing further skills.

    thumb mukkun himitsu

    review rating 5  Amazing driving school! I passed first time thanks to them, my instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable. I did not have any issues and I picked up on skills very quickly due to clear instructions. I always received feedback and that was useful when I reflected at the end of my lessons. I highly recommend this place, thanks guys 🙂

    thumb Anisa Ahmed

    review rating 5  My driving instructor Arthur was amazing. Very patient with me allowing me to gain the skills I needed to pass. Very humble guy and I felt l wasn’t to shy around him and was very easy to talk to. He is a very skilled instructor. Cheers Arthur 👍

    thumb Connor Richardson

    review rating 5  Arthur is an incredibly effective and skilled driving instructor. He worked diligently to make sure that I not only passed my test, but also that I was a safe driver.He was very patient and took the time to answer my many questions in a simple and understandable way. Arthur is also lovely and very supportive. I enjoyed each and every one of my lessons with him, and came out of each one more knowledgable and confident about. Arthur, I highly recommend you because you deserve more than the best.

    thumb Ahimbisibwe Aloysious

    review rating 5  After having a few different instructors I came across Qaiser Khan. He was very different, making me feel relaxed and confident. Very clear in explaining what I had to do. Mixed with a good level of conversation breaking the ice and I enjoyed driving. Thanks for supporting me in passing my driving test. Highly recommended.

    thumb Boota Pardesi

    review rating 5  I had Arthur as my instructor he was amazing couldn’t of asked for better got me to where I needed to be for my test and passed, after being messed around by other companies Arthur boosted my confidence and made me feel at ease. Would definitely recommend and prices are so reasonable to get you when you want in the end. Thank you Arthur.

    thumb kimberley kavanagh

    review rating 5  Fantastic Driving School. My instructor Qaisar Khan was one of the best instructors period. He was Extremely efficient in training and explaining things. His methods allowed me not just to drive competently but also with confidence. Relaxing presence with great teaching skills, must have instructor if anyone is looking to pass!

    thumb Ali Khan

    review rating 5  Fantastic Driving School. My instructor Qaisar Khan was one of the best instructors period. He was Extremely efficient in training and explaining things. His methods allowed me not just to drive competently but also with confidence. Relaxing presence with great teaching skills, must have instructor if anyone is looking to pass!

    thumb Ali Khan

    review rating 5  My experience with ADT has been brilliant. My instructor Mr Ahmed was great throughout and was a great laugh and was huge in getting me a first time pass! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to learn to drive.

    thumb Sam Ramsden

    review rating 5  Brilliant driving school! Very reasonable rates and excellent standard of teaching. Ali is the perfect combination of supportive and clear in terms of teaching, my progress with him was massive. Also a really nice guy! Passed with 0 faults, couldn’t recommend enough.

    thumb Robert Paterson

    review rating 5  I just passed my test and i am very glad and overjoyed. My instructor Uzma was a fantastic instructor and mentored me with care, she always make sure I understand what I was doing and never ridiculed me if i did something wrong. I was almost giving up on my 2nd attempt but her words of encouragement kept me going. Thank you so much for all your help I really appreciate and highly recommend. Nike from Manchester .

    thumb Seyi 'oye

    review rating 5  If you really want to pass your driving test these are the instructors you can turn to very friendly and helpful. Willing to go the extra mile. Give them a try and thank me later

    thumb Pete Nov

    review rating 5  Such a great driving school! Cheap prices and very good instructors! Highly recommend using ADT

    thumb Jordan Bartolo

    review rating 5  I really enjoyed my lessons with Ahmed and I have learnt much faster than I expected! Ahmed is really friendly, polite, punctual, funny, and enthusiastic and he really cares about his students and their progression. He helped me become confident and has a very structured method for helping you focus on areas for inprovement. The price is very reasonable compared to other driving schools and you get a great service. Thank you!

    thumb Florence Jones

    review rating 5  This is the best driving school any one can sign up for in Manchester . I am a student in my final year and I wanted to get the best and easiest service possible at an affordable price . The service I received from Advanced driving school was excellent I improved every lesson and I was ready and passed my driving test within 6 weeks. Thank you very much to my instructors at Advanced driving school I appreciate it a lot. I was limited in time due to my schedule with assignments and they helped me achieve my goal in time.

    thumb rhiad n

    review rating 5  I am very satisfied with my instructor, Ahmed. He will point out mistakes but will always encourage you to drive with confidence. Passed on my first attempt. Highly recommended!

    thumb lim jonathan

    review rating 5  Extremely happy with the tuition. My 17 year old son passed first time. Flexible, helpful friendly instructors. I would definitely recommend Advanced driving tuition.

    thumb Binta Lenehan

    review rating 5  Having been in accident before was scared to drive but with Artur's tutoring got more confident with each lesson. Flexible and easy to work around your commitments. Patient and calm approach. Passed the first time after only 16 hours. Would recommend.

    thumb Karolina Matczak

    review rating 5  Very happy with the tuition. Can’t be more grateful as passed from the first time. Concentrated on the areas of development till flawless. They are very good with the timings of the lessons to suit my timetable and my availability. Extra preparation before the actual test was very beneficial. My instructor was very friendly and it was pleasure to go on a lesson knowing it will be fun. I’ve enjoyed the tuition and it made me much better and safer driver. Really appreciate and recommend ADT any time.

    thumb Yulia Hutton