Preparing To Learn To Drive

So, you’ve come of age and you’ve got that shiny new provisional license in your wallet. The only step left in your way to passing that all-important test is to actually begin your driving lessons!

This is an exciting time in every person’s life, but we also understand that it can be an anxious and nervous time too. To try and calm your nerves a little before you get into the swing of things, here are a few tips on how to prepare for your first set of driving lessons.

  • Highway Code

Make sure you do your homework before you get to practising! Reading up on the Highway Code is always a good foundation for safe and productive driving lessons. You may have learned enough to pass your theory but keep on reading the code so that you feel comfortable with everything you see on the road.

  • Arrive Rested

It’s really important to turn up to your lessons having had a good night’s sleep or relaxed day. The last thing you need when learning to drive is tiredness behind the wheel. It will make you less receptive to the teachings of your instructor and less responsive on the road.

  • Suitable Shoes

This is a part of the process that lots of people don’t think about! You want to be as comfortable as possible during your lessons which includes selecting the right footwear for the occasion. Leave the high heels at home and opt for comfortable trainers to learn to drive.

  • Comfortable Clothes

And the very same goes for your clothing. Wear garments that you feel comfortable and unrestricted in. When you are out on the road the only thing that you should be thinking about is driving well and staying safe. Tight or itchy clothing choices aren’t going to help with that.

  • Ask Questions

It can be very beneficial to strike up a good relationship and dynamic with your instructor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your lessons, no matter how silly you think you might sound. Remember that you are there to learn and are still a complete beginner. You don’t have to pretend that you already know everything there is to know about driving.

  • Remember You Are Safe

A big mental block to get over is remembering that no matter what happens, you are safe! You can’t go anywhere when the clutch is in neutral, and when you are moving take comfort and confidence from the fact that your instructor still has full control of the car in case anything threatens to go wrong.

Our driving instructors are professional and experienced. They will do all they can to make your lessons informative and enjoyable.