Latest UK Driving Law Changes

UK driving laws

Many new driving laws are expected to come into force in the near future. It is important to keep up with these changes as that will help you stay out of legal trouble.

If you are in the UK, then it is worth knowing that your driving license might not be valid following a no-deal Brexit. There are many other implications that drivers need to be aware of due to Brexit. However, some agencies have also taken part in modifying the driving laws on the continent. Have a look at some of them.

  1. The Low Emission Rule

In April of 2019, London’s latest Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) came into full effect. It replaced the T-charge scheme. This law is placed to ensure a great reduction in the emission of harmful substances in the capital to enhance the quality of air in the region. There is a fine that would be imposed on the driver if they do not meet the ULEZ standards.

  1. Tax Changes

Also, in April of 2019, VED, also known as the Vehicle Excise Duty, went up along with inflation. This is a change that applies to all vehicles. If you own a high emission car, you will be charged a tax of up to £15. Drivers that own diesel cars that fail to meet the emission standards set by RDE2 will pay significantly higher tax rates. Institutions offering standard driving lessons will inform you that new car owners will be charged £65 in the first year.

  1. Smart Motorways

Standard driving lessons should inform new drivers that they must not drive in lanes that are crossed by a red X sign on smart motorways. Breaking this new law might have them pay a fine of up to £100. A driver might even face stronger penalties in some instances.

There is a plan by Highways England to have more emergency refuge areas constructed across the smart motorway mark.

  1. Intelligent Speed Assist

This is one of the features that will become mandatory in the near future. This is done to ensure safety for the new cars from 2022 under EU’s General Safety Regulation.

The Final Thought

There are many other changes that have been put in place to ensure safety on the road. As a driver, it is essential to learn and adhere to them to avoid heavy penalties.

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